Song Drawings Pt. 5


Yes friends it has happened. I made a logo. It looks like it was made in Paint but was actually hand drawn, took a photo on my phone and added color in photoshop. More can be found on my Patreon account by going to

I also uploaded drawings from a short project I did about Uncomfortable robots. It is subscription based to view some of the uploads but any help is greatly appreciated and the more subscriptions will equal better quality content and greater quantity of uploads and be worth it!

Uncomftorbot II

Uncomftorbot II


Ubiquitous food. Threw together vegetables with an emphasis on potatoes and made it all look fancy.


Jessica and I really wanted some kind of fruit tart pastry so we got some blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Added a little butter and brown sugar and baked them in a simple pie crust. Once done they were lightly dusted in powdered sugar. Good hot, much better cold.


Quick preparatory sketch of the fifth song drawing. And as you will see momentarily very little of this idea remained in the final piece.


For the final drawing I focused on the part of the song “Mcpherson’s Farewell” where Mcpherson destroys his fiddle for no-one else to play after he’s been hanged.

I’m going to slow down on making new song drawings and instead focus on touching up the current five. Down the road I want to present them in their final forms for you! It may not be next week since I will be moving to Knoxville for a bit.


My apartment at present. However, I will do my best to continue your normal programming!

Thank you for reading.


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