Song Drawings Pt. 4


4th of July Cookies, tea, and Sharpe’s Waterloo because yes.


After a splendidly busy weekend and Iaido training at Cumberland Mountain State Park. I realize now the majority of my blogs and posts are either art or food. Despite this I shall continue to shower my readers with a never ending barrage of the things I cook between art. As shown in the image above.

Out of the more trailer/RV oriented parks I’ve been to this one was surprisingly nice and quite beautiful early in the morning. Despite our neighbor playing Jaws and Psycho music with candles everywhere and yelling “Hiya!” the next morning when my friend and I decided to do Tai Chi…

All in all a good time. Here’s more food.



Bratwurst with Potato, bell pepper, onion, mushroom, rosemary, and sage.




Preparatory sketches and notes. The notes normally get ignored in the final piece but they help me get ideas moving.


This is the sketch I ended up working from. The figure became much more intertwined with the final drawing.


Detail of said drawing.


And the final drawing right after watercolor pencil, pen, and water was added. I decided to include Sumi ink for more value I felt was lacking. Once it dries I’m hoping the line-work will still be somewhat present and I may need to go back in. With most of these drawings I intend to go back in but I wanted to get them all to this stage at least. The figure in the detail sketch above is located in the bottom left of the piece.

The song I based the piece on is Barbara Allen’s Cruelty. Currently all of these pieces I’ve done based on songs are loose representations but I plan on bringing out more of the imagery present in the songs.

Thank you for reading!


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