Song Drawings Pt. 3


I’ve had a very interesting and busy and interesting two weeks with odd jobs and volunteering at a junior ranger camp at Fort Loudoun. For example… the above photo is a fire pit my mom wanted me to make using the rocks from the pre-existing fire pit nearby.


Also there was a turtle.

IMG_2148 (Edited)

The ever majestic creature that is Chop Suey.

IMG_2187 (Edited)

Also helped stain a floor.


And making a surprise appearance; a wild preparatory drawing.

I usually make sketches and doodle plans but for the past two song drawings I went at the paper with little to know visual planning. Which is fun but for this one I wanted more planning.


First half of the drawing with pencil. White Oak, Ash, and Ivy leaves.


Detail with more gestural mark making near the middle of the composition.


More abstracted and geometric lines to contrast with the lower half of organic objects but also to coincide with the song to be revealed momentarily.


More values.


Still wet but very close to being finished. I used some leftover tea instead of water because I am productively lazy and will use whatever is closest to me.

The song is The Oak and the Ash and the version I looked at was about a woman in the north moving to London and the imagery I used is primarily from the line, The oak and the ash and the bonny ivy tree…(one version I found online was the bonny rowan tree).

Like many folk songs there are numerous versions and my drawings are only loosely based on the songs but I hope you enjoy all the same!

Thank you for reading.





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