Song Drawings Pt. 2


Continuing off from last week’s post and the above picture; the next folk song I looked at was O Waly Waly. In answer to the question of what the dude is doing, he is closer to emoting about an unfaithful and false love, leaning against an Oak tree which ends up breaking under him.


This time with inked-in lines and an under layer of watercolor pencil.


Detail of another section which turned into some sort of root formation.

I went with pencil for the under drawing on this piece due to running out of water resistant pens and I wanted to keep as many lines as possible after I pour water over them.


Water added and surprisingly colorful from what I’m used to doing.


Very close to the finished product. Sadly I don’t have a teaser for the next drawing just yet but I shall leave you with these photographs instead!


Moody lighting and torn up wallpaper in a house I’m helping a friend with since he’s wanting to flip it eventually. I mainly work outside in the yard but this was a rare day inside. The house was from the late 19th or early 20th century with layer upon layer of wallpaper and occasionally soot residue from the area’s heavy coal burning days.


And lastly…blueberry muffins. From the Tasha Tudor cookbook. Life is fun.

Until next time.

Thank you all for reading!



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