Song Drawings Pt.1


Behold! Overly aesthetic supplies.

Now onward to the art.

The piece I worked on this past week is based on the study drawing I made in the previous post. The image on the right is a detail of the under-drawing on Arches paper 24×36″. Decided against using text since it would make a swirly, busy mess when water was added and I had problems with the one working waterproof pen. Instead I opted to leave the image with more negative space and keep the individual figures detailed without filling the page with line-work.

These are part of a concept I’ve been thinking about involving 18th century folk songs, mainly from England but I’m trying to find some with Scottish variations as well. This piece is based on a song called “Three Ravens” which I fell in love with after a friend sang it at the last Fort Loudoun garrison weekend. This is also an attempt to learn and memorize more folk songs from the time period.





After laying out the under-drawing I went in with green and blue pens to make connective geometric lines over the more gestural figures. I love the affect of water on the Stabilo pen ink especially after it has been allowed to stand and dry as shown below.


The ink fogs its way through the water and eventually settled after the water has evaporated. After the water went down I tried to preserve the original black line-work but, sadly, much of it was lost but I plan to go back in in some spots.


Close-up of one spot still wet after an overnight drying.


All dry. Still needs some reworking of the lines in the figures. Would like a little more depth in the composition but I’m pleased overall with it.


Work in progress detail for the next, similar drawing. Stay tuned to find out why this figure is sitting on floating tree roots. Is he emoting and angsty? Contemplating the positive influences on his life? Fitfully fearing future life changing events? Or perhaps he was impressed into naval service. We shall soon see.


Found while helping a fellow artist with yard and housework. Thank you for reading!




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