Light, Ideas, and Domestic Scenes


Distracted by shafts of light on the floor and walls once again. The Vermeer print did just happen to be right there though, adding some sort of nod to domestic scenes throughout the history of art.


Light and shadows intermingling with yet another scene of quiet domesticity. Might be missing something in the bottom right but I’m happy with this one.


Planning out ideas for photo projects and how I want to construct miniature sets (hopefully not as miniature as they were for my BFA) in the future working on my MFA in Edinburgh this Fall. Many’s the project that was made on this back patio, surrounded by the ever increasing number of feral cats prowling the pathways in search of food left by tenants sympathetic to their plight. This one thought I would feed it. However, I cannot afford to feed cats that aren’t mine and feel it best for them to fend for themselves. They’ll be fine, they hunt and are fed constantly by my neighbors.


Now that I’ve moved out of the studio space on campus I’m starting to create a small home studio but only for the summer as I will be moving again come August. I’ll do my best to keep up with the blog though and show you what I’m working on. Until then, the battle continues in mixing elements of naturalism and abstraction.


Utilizing green, blue, and grey pens still. No idea where my watercolor things are within the rubble and incomprehensibility that are my supplies at present. So this will have to do for now!


More abstract than I intended but it’s a study for now. I had the stern of a ship in there which has since become lost (somewhat fitting the concept I have of delving into Celtic myth and folklore).


Bit more of a detail and more green/blue linework added. The blue and green lines running straight across the composition keep reminding me of lasers and I really want to make a giant installation with lasers and drawing somehow. We’ll see. As I worked on this I kept thinking it would be wonderful to use these as standalone pieces but also to use them as studies and references for future photography projects. If you haven’t seen my BFA senior thesis work feel free to visit and check out Passages. The photos were taken of miniature sets I built based on different myths and afterlives of various cultures. This is similar to the project I’m hoping to do for my MFA.

Until next time, thank you for reading!



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