After two weeks being everywhere


And so…two weeks later than anticipated. I return once again because time and wifi access at the same time have continued to allude me.

The muffins above happened, sadly they were a mix but the strudel on top was lovely.

Not much art making has happened, however, I have been planning things, reading, and researching things to include or try in my art. The artist residency I was attending ended with the school semester so I was busy moving things out of my studio plus helping move things to and from Johnson City, Knoxville, Southern Illinois, Knoxville, Johnson City for a few days, then once more to Knoxville until finally settled in Johnson City after a relaxing weekend of 18th Century fort reenactment (you have not lived until you serve on an artillery crew).


The studio, pretty much empty now. Not the best space but it was awesome having one for a few months.


Wish I had a before picture but this is Mike Smith’s door now that he has retired after working as head of the photography department at ETSU for around-about 30 years. He has been an amazingly supportive mentor and friend with a never-ending treasure trove of stories from his life. Apparently he ripped the sign off in the middle with his name on it and I wish I could have seen it since I now imagine it happening as a reverent yet gleeful event.


Harrisburg, Il.


Waiting on the ferry at Cave in Rock to visit the Amish community in Kentucky. I’d like to go back to this spot one day and take more photographs. The whole area of southern Illinois/western Tennessee and Kentucky is strangely fascinating.


On the ferry at the other side of the river.


M’lady’s mother’s tea at a small coffee shop in Evansville, IN. Later went swing dancing at long last since this past January we were in Illinois and couldn’t make it since the class was canceled due to snow.


Back in Johnson City briefly before leaving once again. Managed to get a hike in with some friends at Beauty Spot on the AT on the Tennessee North Carolina border. I have never seen this much Trillium growing in one area, normally I’ve only run across one or two spread out along a trail.


Same day, running to catch a sunset on Buffalo Mountain and somehow we made it in time. I felt this necessitated an overly dramatic photo of my friend Parker gazing into the horizon at the descent of the great celestial orb.


Fall Creek Falls


If you can name the reference here you win. And no it is not ‘Murica.


Fort Loudoun in Vonore, TN. I’ve only recently started reenacting here with my girlfriend but it has slowly come to be one of my favorite places to be with some of the most kind and learned people I’ve ever met.

Also muskets and the French and Indian War. Come visit if you’re ever in the area!


And finally a return to the drawings with driving and moving things much closer to being done. I’m continuing to mix things together and in the case of the study above I’m trying to use more figurative imagery with the same grid-like and abstract inclusions I’ve been doing.


Final study on this one. Exploring a new idea after hearing some old English folk ballads at the fort. I’m always wary about including text but this one is starting to grow on me since the image is taken from the symbolism in the text. I was worried the composition would become to busy but it seems to be just enough to be clear. I hope to have a more finished piece soon based on this.

Thank you for being patient with my absence and for reading! I should have more consistent posts now that I’m back in the swing of things.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!


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