I have returned!

After missing my post last week it feels like forever since I’ve written anything here. The past week or so has been quite eventful…


Found a plant on a windowsill.


Photoshot in downtown Johnson City, TN.


Made pancakes.


Photoshoot at the VA campus in Johnson City, TN.

Cleaned a creek after some heavy rainfall and had to rescue salamanders and crawdads that got caught in the debris thrown into a trash bin.

Set-up and working a studio space sale on campus at ETSU took up the majority of last week and was moderately successful despite little advertisement!



Pond wondering.


Cookout with friends for the first time in quite a while celebrating numerous things but mainly the end of the semester. My past roommate Joey came down for his monthly Kungfu training and brought his dog, Buddha, the most relaxed dog you may ever meet.


Ubiquitous sun shining through an orange glass filled with raspberries.

Because art.

Also the action of light and its reaction to the surfaces of different materials is quite fascinating, particularly in translucent materials such as this. Eventually I would like to utilize glass or materials like this in photography similar to what I did for my senior exhibition. Which can be found at jgsapp.weebly.com if you’d like to check it out!

Also my Irisis have started blooming! One day I shall have a yard for them…one day. Until then…I will return to the art shortly and have a post very soon after this one. I should be more on track with postings now that the semester is over and my Artist Residency is coming to an end.

Thank you for reading and following!





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