Back to the art.


I started this doodle after looking at Edward Gorey’s work. Particularly in his use of hatching since that’s my go-to technique when drawing. I also needed to draw something that wasn’t associated with any project or for anything/one in particular.


The first image was outlined with a black Pilot G-2 07 but I filled in the forms and shapes of the figure with a grey Stabilo pen. In the image above I progressed to hatching the right side with a black Staedtler which has been a lovely replacement for the Microns so far.


Finally added blue and green with more Stabilos on the left of everything. It has a delightful stitchy fuzziness to it now. In my mind it was supposed to be a figure wearing some sort of flowy cloak thing but I’ll let your imaginations decide for themselves what it is. Feel free to comment if you would like.

Thank you for reading!


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