An interest in -isms


To start, I felt I should share this bizarre hallway service entrance that has been left open for the past few days near my girlfriend’s apartment. It’s like the beginning of a horror story. Sadly now I realize I would be that adventurous one who wants to explore the creepy hallway at the resistance of those around me, sealing my inevitable fate.


Back to art.

I’m starting to try and utilize less all over detail and focus instead on detailing certain places and allow the natural tendencies of evaporated water color show through. I’m also using more geometric lines and shapes but hopefully not too abstract since I like the mix of realism with abstraction. Definitely bringing forth all of the Moholy Nagy, Kertesz, Rössler and Czech Avant Garde from the early 20th century that I love looking at.
For all my photo folk (actually all artists in general should check this out too) an awesome book I found in the library at ETSU is Czech Photographic Avant-Garde 1918-1948 (June 2002) by Vladimir Birgis.


The more I think about it, the more I realize how much of the early -isms and movements of the 20th century I’ve looked at for influence on my own work. Just mix German Expressionism, Surrealism, Art Nouveau, and the Bauhaus and that’s about me. Except I’m difficult and don’t want to be part of a movement of genre, while conversely complaining about what movement we’re in now and why in the world we still call every single piece of art that has happened since the end of Modern Art ‘contemporary art’. I also have a problem with Modern Art as an all encompassing term for the movements from Impressionism to a little past WWII. I’m sure more learned people with actual art history degrees and credentials would blow me out of the water on that front.

Now if you want to be part of a movement or genre that is awesome. Do it, own it. Do all that you can and invent what wasn’t there. Just make stuff.
Or try and forge your own way as best as you can. Max Ernst and Marcel Duchamp didn’t really consider themselves part of the movements they were in (or at least didn’t want to be locked down to the movements).

Just make stuff.


Thank you all for reading! I’m going to have another post shortly about a short journey home to Knoxville over the weekend.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!


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