This and That


More and more I find myself using the red and orange watercolor study as a backdrop for other work for posting. It’s wonderfully calming looking up at it in the middle of other works.

The piece in the above photo, however, has been mildly frustrating. The paper was gessoed before I got it and while I’m happy to have extra materials for studies, I’m finding gessoed surfaces are interesting to mark on with regular pens. Of course this comes after my previous post regaling the glories of certain pens and their usage on materials caked onto a surface. Now I am faced with a predicament of pens. A Pendicament if you will.


These lovelies do work but I am currently out of decent ink for them. I plan to return to Knoxville soon and will, hopefully, stop by Jerry’s Artarama for things. Perhaps a post on that. We shall see.

The past week and a half has been interesting and weirdly themed, the weird theme being an amalgamation of ideas and projects, plans, and events culminating in a hodgepodge of delight.

On that note, the above drawings are based on doodles I used to make in the hopes of creating stationary at the advice of m’lady after drawing some designs on an index card at a coffee shop. There is a plan for some sort of sale near the end of this month in the space I have a studio in at ETSU and I’m going to try and make some of these for that.


Back to the structural under-drawings. I always revert to Dali and Ernst style things. I’m going to focus on the pen under-drawings to keep from having pens quit on me so much.


Quick ship drawing and practice on rigging detail. For the fire drawings I used to do of tall ships I had a tendency to be lazy and not use references so most of the ships looked the same and lacked the detail they actually have.


On a side note, this is a mini-fridge left closed for three years I helped clean out. That is three years worth of ice in the top.


And now I shall leave you with last weekends picnic. The bread and cheese were wonderful and hammocks were involved. The Macaroni salad was lacking in numerous ways and barely warranted a picking at.

Thank you for reading!



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