An interest in -isms

To start, I felt I should share this bizarre hallway service entrance that has been left open for the past few days near my girlfriend's apartment. It's like the beginning of a horror story. Sadly now I realize I would be that adventurous one who wants to explore the creepy hallway at the resistance of … Continue reading An interest in -isms


Support of Creativity

Needing support for my work crept up on me in a weird way. I always thought I could make art just fine with some support, but never fully realized how necessary it was until recently. Following a profession and life through art has been a strange but wonderful thing to embark upon. On the one … Continue reading Support of Creativity

This and That

More and more I find myself using the red and orange watercolor study as a backdrop for other work for posting. It's wonderfully calming looking up at it in the middle of other works. The piece in the above photo, however, has been mildly frustrating. The paper was gessoed before I got it and while … Continue reading This and That