A most scribbly manner


Behind the scenes of my last post. Now it’s back to more drawing related items!


I feel the smaller studies and pieces are at a state of completion I’m happy with, now I’m moving on to the larger piece and bringing out some of the line-work that was faded after watercolor was added. The initial line-work was done with a Pilot G-2 0.38 which has wonderful comfort and works well on different surfaces (larger, bolder G-2 pens have a harder time I’ve noticed. If there’s a ground or thick medium on the surface of the material the nib can get clogged and halts the flow of ink). I’ve started using them for the first drawings to create atmosphere and depth in the image since they aren’t water resistant and will fade and become a sort of blue, gel-watercolor. Eventually I’m hoping to do a more in depth post on Pilot pens because I and others perpetually gravitate towards them and they have a fascinating history. If you have a chance look them up and their Maki-e pens.

Normally my go-to pens for archival ink and waterproof-ability are Pigma Micron by Sakura Color Products Corporation, Japan. I’ve used them the most because of the wispy, elegant lines they produce while being waterproof. Normally I haven’t had problems with them since my past work was primarily ink-wash with pen, but due to my most recent art involving residual pigment forming near cake-like layers on paper I’ve found the Microns have a similar problem to bolder Pilot pens mentioned above. I also draw aggressively sometimes and the nibs on the 01 inevitably wear down. This also happens to be the size I use the most.

Which leads me to the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen. We received one during a drawing class at ETSU when our professor was having us play around with different tools and mediums. I used it and a Pentel Hybrid Technica for a while, both of them and the Microns were my main tools during the class. I found the Faber-Castell recently and found it still works, and the nib is fairly sharp and seems to work into the surface of the watercolor pigment left behind without caking. My hope is to continue using it and other kinds of pens when I get a chance to visit an art supply store, unless there’s some sort of online art/pen grab bag you can find…will keep you informed.


I’m beginning to plan out ideas for future projects and pieces in my most scribbly manner. I’ll be continuing my past Afterlife project but with a focus on specific mythology. If you’re interested in seeing the Afterlife photographs and an idea of what to expect feel free to visit jgsapp.wordpress.com and check out Passages!


More sketchy studies and plans.


I shall leave you with this sketch for a friend at the Fort Loudoun State Historical Park. If you love history, beautifully scenic forts from the French and Indian War and you happen to be near Vonore, TN do take some time to visit!

Thank you for reading!


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