A Stroll. Jonesborough, TN.


Something different from the usual drawings I post on here. I believe these were taken on the first day of Spring after my girlfriend and I stopped by The Coffee Corner in Jonesborough, TN. By far one of the coziest coffee shops I’ve been in. They maintain a small town aesthetic (much like the rest of Jonesborough) while still being a major hub of activity for the area. We go in often and found it to be the focal point for a Yarn Collective which meets quite regularly.


Leaving the Corner Cup to explore the creek walk area. Overcast is not my favorite light to photograph in but the town has a strange tranquility in grey. It’s always interesting to find areas that maintain interest in different lighting; ranging from the drama of early morning or evening breaking through the atmosphere surrounding the nearby mountains, to the stillness of a day like this. Everything even and grey but not gloomy.




One of the patches of modernity you run into in the town. The historic area is very centralized on the main road and outside of that is still historic but mainly residence and some small businesses.




A mixing of the structure of the oldest town in Tennessee with the creek and landscape running through it. One of the things I enjoy about Jonesborough is the balance with the buildings and roads with the natural landscape. There is a flow and acceptance of the man made and nature.


Philosophy aside…I wish I had a yard and shed. It’s also interesting that during winter lawn furniture goes rogue and is often found upside down. There is another picture I took later on in the stroll which contains yet another lawn item upended.



Upended lawn furniture. Also a chance to frame the subject with trees and hearken back to old pastoral painting, only now we have pick-up trucks.


And we shall end the journey with our friend the recently migrated nesting goose who was non to pleased by our presence.

I hope you enjoyed following this brief stroll through Jonesborough and glimpse at my photography. If you have a chance and are in the Tri Cities, TN area I highly recommend visiting it, the Corner Cup, and the various antique shops and other stores throughout the town.

Thank you for reading!




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