I might be a photography major


Coming soon I’m thinking about putting up my photographic work. I tend to focus on drawing on here but I do still love photography, especially the history of it. Thus my crazy 1959 MIP rangefinder on the left (Soviet era cameras are ridiculously cheap on Ebay by the way, make sure it has all the parts though since mine was missing the film winder inside). The top is a Neoca rangefinder found at an antique store in Johnson City, TN. It’s tiny but works surprisingly well for a camera I believe is also from 1959. We haven’t developed the film in it yet so I’m hoping it turns out ok in that area. Thankfully Walgreens still develops film (but only color). On the right is my Nikon D-610. Going from a D-100 to it involved a certain level of shock over how behind my digital work was technologically. It still boggles my mind how cheap a 32 Gig card is now…yes I have lived under a rock my whole life.

This is from an outing my girlfriend and I did to Jonesborough, TN (the Neoca is hers) to wander around and photograph the area. Now that I think about it I’ll probably make the next post about that. I’m still working on how I want to categorize my posts and what to focus on in terms of content. Will keep y’all updated.

But now, drawings and paintings again!

IMG_1720 (Edited)

Some elk and deer studies I did in an attempt to be more consistent with my practice. Normally I just sit down and start working on a piece and don’t spend as much time making studies and sketches like this which I feel is still integral to our learning and skill development as artists even after school. These are from a copy of Edweard Muybridge’s Animals in Motion I found at McKay’s. I highly recommend it for photographers and other artists working figuratively since it was one of the first photographic collections of people and animals moving since until that point quick motions weren’t able to be captured. It was also intended for the purpose of study. So if you find a copy do consider it!


This drawing took an interesting turn, it gave me some ideas regarding concepts and imagery (it reminded me of giant mutant flowers in a post-apocalyptic landscape if that gives you some idea) but I regret making it on canvas paper since my pens continue to gouge into it and stop releasing ink after a certain point. I’m pretty sure the surface is gritty enough that it wore down the tip of the Micron 01.


The wall of vaguely finished things so far. Looking at JMW Turner so much over the past month has made my work slowly turn toward yellows and ocher. I’m interested to see where the color palette for future work in this vein goes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts so far and continue to do so. I’m hoping to set up some sort of gallery on here to view work on its own and include more photography.

Thank you for reading!


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