Things Coming Together


Letting the water stand on the paper and dry overnight. This was something I tested out on scrap sheets of paper to see how the pools of water would change once dried and the effects are quite lovely. After this piece dried I went back in to bring out the line-work that was washed away. Below is half of the line-work brought out.


After this one I poured water in areas of the larger drawing and separated the pools more to leave more of the paper showing.


I also used less India ink in the water and focused more on dabbing yellow ocher muddied with other pigments. Once dried the evaporated water left pigment caked on the paper in a mud-like effect.


My hope is for this to be a large final piece. Some of my smaller ones I meant to be studies have started feeling like finished pieces as well, normally I’m very sloppy with studies and don’t “complete” them.


These are more studies in my mind. Also a look at some of the practice going into pouring water onto paper and manipulating pigment and ink into it, plus how pooling water acts on different papers.

These three are currently in progress; the two in the picture on the left involve an overall wash in the background by pouring water, dotting some pigment, then rubbing with cloth. The one on the right is actually completed I just haven’t photographed it yet. The preparatory work for it was an overall rubbing of green water color pencil, then line-work in pen followed by the water which I left in the areas seen above.


A little sneak peek on the topic of the next post…sometimes I make random things like penanular brooches out of brass wire.


Until next time.

Thank you for reading!



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