Landscape Study


Continuing the “Controlled Chaos” post from Monday, the painting/drawing at the top is the basic idea for the final piece. I’m wanting more flow and chaos with the materials to juxtapose the grid-like stair patterns however, I’ve been practicing pouring water onto different papers with added pigment and ink before jumping to the good water color paper.

The smaller piece on the table was a last minute idea to make a simpler grid pattern and focus more on water colors than ink. After leading the water into tendril shapes across the paper I dotted it with India ink. The effect reminded me of some kind of sea creature so no complaints there. It and the drawing below were done on Bristol paper (pretty much boards but floppy), water color, water color pencils, pen and ink, and pencil under-drawing.


Pen and pencil under-drawing. Also a very shabby charcoal ground for an all over grey tone to erase highlights into the composition. From a picture I took visiting the Grand Tetons in Wyoming last Summer. It was much happier looking than what I drew I swear…


Highlights erased out and parts of the outer layer of paper scraped out with a knife because reasons maybe. Really I was wanting to see how the water color would react to the different layers and torn parts. I probably layered too much into the composition because at the end I didn’t really notice much.


Added scaffold-stair infrastructure.


After pouring water and adding pigment and ink. Also whipped the paper like a towel to get more of the streaking effects but ended up tearing the paper near the middle on the right side. Looks like a squiggle so it’s hard to tell. I feel like the background and landscape got lost so may go back in once it’s dry and bring out some of the forms. All in all I’m happy with how it turned out, the water’s becoming easier to control across the paper though I may need to use less ink. Probably gonna work more on the final piece in the coming week, I’m hoping to have something to write on here twice a week if I can.

Thank you for reading!


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