Almost the Fall Equinox

Happy almost first day of Fall. In celebration, here are some Habeneros from a few years ago when I was using a 4x5 view camera. My roommate at the time left them on the windowsill to slowly get hotter over time. Seeing the opportunity to pay homage to Weston and Imogen Cunningham I made this … Continue reading Almost the Fall Equinox


The Still Lives

The still lives (or a small quantity of them). My old friends because I am often by myself and without a subject. They were also the basis for most of the work I made in college apart from night photographs. Part of me is bored of the idea of still lives since so many are … Continue reading The Still Lives

Scribbly Sketches

A misty and lovely morning over Fort Loudoun this past weekend. Very humid though. My biggest projects currently are woodworking ideas to try so not too many paintings or crazy finished drawings. I've also got new photographs on if you're interested in checking those out. More will be uploaded soon. The above was a … Continue reading Scribbly Sketches